Our stability and facilities are invaluable

Keeping abreast of Agricultural changes

The original concept behind Hampshire Grain Ltd. is more relevant today than ever before. With the constant changes within the Agricultural Marketing sector, coupled with the increasing quality demands of the consumer, the stability and facilities the Central store offers makes it a valuable part of any farm business.

The economies of scale mean that the farmer has access to improved facilities at lower unit capital cost, and lower costs of storage, handling and drying. The farmer knows daily the quality and quantity of his harvest. The system means the farmer is free from claims and rejections, and on farm labour is freed to concentrate on other tasks.

On-farm capital investment tied to a particular enterprise is difficult to justify. Investment in Hampshire Grain can be added to or reduced to meeting changing circumstances. Members are not forced into 100% commitment and the store can complement on-farm storage. The farmer can chose which crops are stored at Hampshire Grain thus providing an outlet for alternative crops or commodities not suited to existing facilities.

Members purchase tonnage within the store and holdings vary from 50 to 5500 tonnes plus. This can represent any percentage of their total harvest. Due to the flexibility both in operation and ownership the stores membership covers a large cross section of the farming community including tenants and landlords. Tenants may not wish to invest on their landlords farm or may be farming land in more than one location. Equally, landowners can invest without tying the investment to any particular size of tenancy or in-hand holding.

Investment is funded at extremely advantageous interest rates and financial pack ages to suit all individual requirements.


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