Collection & Storage

Your grain is important to us!

Members can use their tonnage for any or all of the commodities the store handles: wheat, barley, oats, oilseed rape, linseed, peas, beans.

At harvest a phone call to the store means that crops are collected from the member’s farm soon after combining and hauled to Micheldever.

The aim is to collect grain within 24 hrs although delays may occur at the height of the season or in particularly wet years.

Once at the store all loads are sampled, weighed and analysed for all relevant criteria, in order to assess the quality of the grain. The analysis is carried out in the stores independent on site laboratory.

The store can test for Hagberg, protein, nitrogen, specific weight, germination, screening moisture and mycotoxins.

Once results are available, the load will be segregated based on variety and specification on a per load basis. Any necessary drying and cleaning is carried out prior to the grain being stored and conditioned using low volume aeration.

Members have live access to the specification and net dried/cleaned weights of all loads delivered to the store via Internet access.

Any further processing demanded by customers is carried out prior to delivery. The store has over the years been able to deliver “vendor assured” crops to both Millers and Maltsters as well as export facilities.


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