Finance & Payment

Fully committed to helping Farmers

100% tax allowable investment

Space at Hampshire Grain is deemed to be an off-farm tradable asset, the value of which is determined by the Board of Directors, according to the original building cost and the market value of this investment. Hampshire Grain Ltd. is fully committed, making the members space a truly tradable “off farm asset”.

The cost of tonnage is continually changing, and since the companies inception this has always been upwards. Due to the method of funding, the cost of space is a 100% tax allowable investment. The Board’ aim has always been for the member to own the investment in as short a time as possible avoiding large interest payments.

Payment for Storage Rights.

  • One share per member ‘ £25.00
  • Down payment from £45.00 per tonne
  • Annual Service charge to repay the balance – £15.00 per tonne over 7-10 years.

Payment for storage can be arranged to suit an individuals financial position at
very advantageous interest rates.
Payment to members for grain in store.


Normal payment arrangements:

  • Estimated crop value November 14th 45%
  • Estimated crop value March 14th 30%
  • Estimated crop value July 1st 20%

All pools will be fully paid out to the participating members 30 days from last date of delivery from the store. Double-Use pools are paid out in early September.

In addition to these payment dates, members can choose to take Supplementary Advance Payments at anytime based on the tonnage held in store.

These advances are also available at extremely advantageous interest rates.


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