Operated over 2 sites

Control Centre

The site operates as 2 separate plants each storing approx 30000 tonnes.

Each is run from an electronic control console incorporating the latest microprocessor technology.

These utilise flow indicators, blockage switches and fail safe overrides so that the store can be run with the minimum of labour.

A daily harvest intake of 3,000 tonnes is well within the system’s capabilities.

The following equipment is provided for the members at the store:

  • a fully equipped laboratory
  • two Ministry stamped weighbridges
  • three main intake pits with a further two secondary pits
  • four continuous flow grains driers with a combined capacity of 250 tonnes/hr @ 5% moisture extraction
  • three 120 tonne/hr pre-cleaners. By changing screens these can operate as three 30 tonne/hr graders
  • gravity table
  • temperature monitoring equipment.

Fully Equipped Laboratory

The store has a fully equipped laboratory, staffed with expert personnel to ensure the highest standards for both intake and deliveries.

The laboratory is equipped with the latest laboratory equipment and is a member of 2 national ring test schemes, ensuring that wherever we deliver we are confident that the produce meets the requirements of the customer.


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