The Common Myths

“Once I join I can’t leave”

Hampshire Grain has a proven track record of being an off-farm appreciating asset. Members who have left the store for whatever reason are often happy to discuss their experience with prospective new members.


“My good quality grain will be tipped with lower specification produce”

The pooling system is designed so that grain is tipped with similar quality grain. In 1993 the store had in the region of 35 pools, the criteria being set by market demands. Blending of pools is not to detriment of higher grade material.


“These stores are expensive to join”

Hampshire Grain is a competitive alternative to similar on-farm facilities. The store has expanded from 20,000 tonnes in 1979 to over 45,000 tonnes in a decade. This expansion has all been farmer based.

Not only has Hampshire Grain expanded but associated stores have been built to the east and west of Micheldever. Capacity now totals over 250,000 tonnes.


“Grain will not be moved in time”

The store is capable of processing over 2,000 tonnes/day. At the peak of harvest some delay will occur but, by working closely with our members, inconvenience is kept to a minimum. Collections are by the companies own fleet and reputable hauliers. Over 90% of our pick-ups are within 30 minutes of the time given.


“Co-operatives have suffered financial collapse”

Our marketers work under tight trading conditions placed on them by both the board and our insurers. All crops traded by the store are currently insured for 85% of the value of bad debts.


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